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website management

Few things drive visitors away like an out-of-date website. To retain repeat visitors, attract new ones, and remain viable, a website must be updated routinely.

This regular maintenance should include:

  • Regular submissions to Google
  • Regular examination and revision of key search terms (see below).
  • Adding or subtracting content from existing web pages.
  • Adding or subtracting entire pages.
  • Updating email addresses and other contact information.
  • Confirming the validity of external links to websites and email addresses.
  • Confirming dates.
  • Revising colors, fonts, layouts, etc. to remain fresh and current.
  • Compiling monthly website traffic statistics.

Statistics are valuable for gauging the popularity and effectiveness of individual pages and/or sections of the site and identifying areas for potential growth. Site traffic statistics are also instrumental in identifying the key words used to find the site, thus providing guidance for ways to make the search engine optimization even more effective.

Working together, we can customize your website management to best meet your needs and budget. Please contact us for more information.

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